COVID-19 prevention on the part of Aston Clinton


The club will ensure social distancing guidelines are maintained at the facility and assess the maximum number of players / staff who can operate safely in each training room / area. The club advises where possible that gradual arrival / exit times are implemented. Anti-bacterial cleansers and wipes will be available at all training sessions and competitions.


The dressing room and Churchill hall will not be open for training or pre-season matches.

All equipment used will be cleaned / sanitized after each session / match.

The team manager will make sure all areas used during training / matches will be clean of trash when finished, the seating areas will be cleared.

Team players and staff must leave the session location immediately after the event and head to their cars without meeting up with other players.


Information will be provided regarding:

The risks and symptoms of Covid-19, and the practices that must be taken.

Awareness that although the risk of Covid-19 infection can be minimized through adherence to club policies and procedures, such risks cannot be eliminated and risks remain for risky outbreaks, their families and the potential for unwanted transmission.

Players and staff will be instructed to stay at home and not attend training / matches if they show symptoms of Covid-19 or are in close contact with anyone who has Covid-19.


Players and staff should be aware of social distancing when parking and it is not recommended to travel together by car.

The club advises players and staff not to gather before training / matches and should say in their cars until the session is about to start.


All equipment should be cleaned / sanitized before any session and also cleaned / sanitized after any session.


First aid kit held in Churchill Hall kitchen, the kit will now include PPE / cleaner.

Each team manager will carry a first aid kit (including PPE / cleaner) and will be responsible for keeping it available for training and matches.

A defibrillator is located to the left of the door to the Parish Council office.


The club will provide hand sanitizer and wipes for all training sessions and matches. Players and staff are asked to provide their own face masks where they deem necessary to wear.

The club will conduct pre-event observations and / or ask players / staff about any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, for example:

New cough
Fever / temperature
Unusual shortness of breath during exercise or at rest
Loss of smell
Red or sticky eyes
New stomach pain or diarrhea
New stuffy or runny nose
New extreme fatigue with muscle and joint pain
Feeling generally unwell in other ways
They have not had any contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in 14 days and that no one in the same household is unwell.


All players and staff must bring their own bottles of water to training and matches and take them home afterward.


Players and staff should refrain from spitting and chewing gum.

Players and staff should refrain from physical contact, including handshakes, high fives, chest and group celebrations.


All buildings need to be cleaned before opening including toilets, washbasins, taps etc. Toliets will have paper towels and soap. There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance of each building. Before opening any building with water (tap, shower, etc.), the Company will be instructed to flush all systems to eliminate the possibility of Legionella disease. The number of people using the toilet will be limited at one time to comply with social distancing.


All viewers will be advised to adhere to social distancing guidelines.